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What Medicare Advantage Means for Your Loved One

What Medicare Advantage Means for Your Loved One

How much do you know about the recent changes made to Medicare Advantage, otherwise known as Medicare Part C? Well, if you’re in need of in-home care services in Snellville, Georgia, then you’re going to want to read this, as the changes concern the coverage of the said services.Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you’re considering paying for a Medicare Advantage plan:

  • The differences between Medicare health plans

    Naturally, you’d have to know what kind of Medicare health plan you’re going to put money in. Medicare A, for instance, covers hospitalization, which is free in various instances. Medicare Part B and D cover outpatient services and prescription drugs, respectively. As for Medicare Advantage, it offers you an alternative to Medicare Part A and B, wherein you pay a premium depending on how big your plan is, its coverage, and deductibles.

  • How the changes in Medicare Part C connect to in-home care

    These days, depending on the plan you get, you can actually pay for home care. Some plans under Medicare Advantage will allow families to pay for meal delivery, housekeeping services, and a personal care assistant to help with bathing, grooming, and dressing. Instead of services that require a skilled nursing provider, many of the newly covered ones can be provided by a caregiver. With these changes, families who pay for coverage are now able to make the home a safer and more comfortable place for loved ones who have chosen to remain and stay healthy there. Did you know that Medicare Part C now also covers first-time respite care? If you’re availing of this service from an in-home care agency, adult day care, or residential care facility, Medicare Advantage can pay for this service for you.

  • Improving the quality of life with home care

    If our goal is to help our senior loved ones age happily and healthily, then home care is truly the way to go. We need the caring and compassionate hearts and skilled hands of caregivers to help the elderly members of our community live independent and dignified lives. A professional caregiver can provide support with self-care tasks and other activities of daily living, which family members normally wouldn’t be able to because they lack the skill or have other important obligations to take care of. Paying for in-home has now become less of a burden, thanks to the recent changes made to Medicare Advantage.

Medicare was, is, and always will be a life-changer. If you’re paying for it, then you can reap tons of benefits depending on your coverage. Today, you now have the option to brighten the smiles of senior loved ones who’ve simply chosen to age at home.

What are your thoughts on the recent changes made to Medicare Part C? Please feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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