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Preventing Falls through Exercise


Exercise is a major contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle. It not only boosts heart health but keeps the muscles strong and flexible. Seniors who engage in regular exercise are less likely to fall and hurt themselves. It’s important for everyone involved in an elderly loved one’s care to take the necessary steps in preventing falls at home.

Providers of Senior Care Services in Georgia, like Hope Private In-Home Care, are all about incorporating doctor-approved physical activities into our care plans.

How is exercise a preventative measure for falls?

Findings from reliable studies have reported a 37% decline in injury-causing falls, a 43% decrease in falls that led to devastating injuries, and a 61% reduction in falls that resulted in broken bones for seniors who participated in exercise programs.

The answer lies in the many benefits of exercise, including:

  • Exercise strengthens the body, allowing the muscles to work better.
  • Exercise helps your loved one have better reaction times. Instead of falling right away, they can grab a hold of something or keep themselves upright.
  • Exercise helps give your loved one strong bones and muscles which are major factors in helping prevent falls.
  • Exercise provides better balance and coordination and keeps your loved one from easily tripping, slipping, and falling.

A good number of senior citizens don’t like to move around or exercise. This results in stiffness and poor coordination that increases the risk of falls. Proper exercise keeps the joints loose and allows them to work properly. Looser joints and stronger muscles go a long way to helping reduce falls.

Falls are among the major concerns that come with aging. And while we do our best to deal with falls, because, whether we like it or not, some of them are bound to take place, putting more emphasis on preventative measures helps keep these accidents to a minimum; and most importantly, it helps our elderly loved ones live a more independent and fulfilling life.

Hope Private In-Home Care, a distinguished provider of In-Home Care Services in Snellville, Georgia focuses on providing a safe care environment for our seniors. One of the ways we accomplish this is by encouraging them to exercise.

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