Got Questions? Call Us Today! 770-864-9398

Not sure about your care planning? Seek our advice.

How do I arrange for service?

With a simple phone call to our 24-hour customer service number. Any one of our friendly staff can handle your request and make suggestions if needed.

I am not sure what I need can someone help me figure it out?

Yes our staff is trained to help you determine what your service needs are, and how to best meet them.

Can I contact your agency after hours?

Yes, by calling the same number 770-864-9398.

Do you accept insurance?

We are a private pay agency, we accept credit cards, checks. You are responsible for payment for the services provided to you. However we can find out if your insurance will reimburse you.

How can we cancel the service I requested?

We require a 2 weeks notice.

How much is the cancellation charge?

There is no cancellation charge.

Whom do I call if my caregiver is unable to work?

We replace our workers if one is not able to work due to an emergency.

What exactly is covered by your fees?

All the services we provide, except a $.45 per mileage if our workers use their vehicle to transport you.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of hours of home care service per day?

We have a 4 hours minimum per day and no maximum! We staff 24 hours and live- in.

How do I make changes to the initial caregiver schedule?

A simple phone call to our office. Our staff will handle your request.

What type of screening does your agency perform?

TB screening, criminal check, previous employment verification and personal reference verification. All of our employees are bonded and insured, have current CPR and are State certified.

Will the same caregiver assist me every day or will it be somebody different?

We strive for continuity of care. For 7 days per week service we generally provide a Monday to Friday person and a Saturday to Sunday person.

How often will they call to check in with me?

We make supervisory visits every month and more often as needed.

Will my live-in caregiver require a private room?

Yes it is the law.

Do I need to sign a contract with the agency?

Yes you do.

Will my service be kept confidential?

Maintaining confidentiality is the law. No one has to know you are receiving our services if you don’t want them to.

Here are some General Questions you may want to consider when choosing an In Home Care Agency.

Is the agency licensed by the state?

Hope Private In-Home Care is Licensed and Bonded by the State of Georgia

What services does it provide?

All aspects of In Home Care services ranging from basic companion care to Skilled Nursing Care.

Are services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?


Questions about Agency Staffing

What types of staff can the agency provide?

Preferences in caregivers can be accommodated upon request.

Are staff members bonded (insured against theft or loss to a home) through the agency?


What is the procedure if a staff person does not report to work when scheduled?

The staff member will first be relieved by another caregiver, and upon investigation may be reprimanded, suspended, or terminated.

Can a different staff person be requested if I am unhappy with the worker the agency sent?

Yes, at any time.

Questions about Agency Quality
Measuring quality is sometimes hard but usually you know it when you see it. These questions help you gauge the quality of an agency and the care it provides.

Does the agency have references or satisfaction reports for itself and staff?


Is the agency inspected by an outside organization, and are inspection reports available to clients?

Yes. Inspection reports and our qualifications and compliance status can be provided upon request.

Is there a written plan of care for each client? Are clients and family members involved in putting it together or reviewing it?

Yes. This is an integral part of the administration of any successful care plan.