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Helping Seniors Wake Up to Better Mornings

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For many seniors, their emotions upon waking up may dictate how their day goes. If they wake up grumpy, they might be grumpy all throughout the day, too. To help you or a Personal Care Assistant in ensuring a better morning for your senior loved ones, check out the following tips:

  • Let them follow a natural sleeping and waking up cycle

    A disrupted sleeping and waking up cycle may lead your aging loved ones to become confused or irritated. As much as possible, help them create a sleeping routine that allows them to sleep better. This routine may include taking a half bath or drinking milk. Make sure that the room gets natural light in the morning to act as a natural alarm clock for them.

  • Help them stretch their bodies upon waking up

    Stretching the body is a form of physical exercise your senior loved ones can do to prepare for the day. Lend them a hand in stretching their bodies. Learn how to help them do their stretching routine properly so as to make sure that they do not overdo it. A provider of Senior Care Services in Georgia can assist you in this situation.

  • Allow them to meditate in the morning

    Meditation helps clear the mind and eases stress. When your aging loved ones meditate in the morning, you give them the opportunity to clear their heads and feel lighter before going on with their day. Upon waking up, encourage them to meditate, giving them a few minutes of silence to relax and empty their minds. As much as possible, let nobody interrupt them while they meditate.

  • Limit decision-making in the morning

    Many seniors typically have a lot of decisions to make upon waking up. They may have to think about what to prepare for their own breakfast. They may also have to choose which pair of clothes they need to wear. Making these decisions can be a hard chore for them early in the morning. Confusion can affect their entire day.

    Limit the amount of decisions they have to make in the morning. If possible, prepare these things the night before. A provider of In-Home Care Services in Snellville, Georgia can assist them in the necessary preparations.

  • Serve them breakfast

    Eating breakfast gives your loved ones energy. But, preparing their own breakfast can be a chore. You might want to help them with preparing a nutritious meal at the start of their day.

Hope Private In-Home Care can be the caregivers that your aging loved ones need for happier and better mornings. Allow us to care for them and remove your worries. Call us today for our services.

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