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Heart-Healthy Exercises for Seniors

Heart-Healthy Exercises for Seniors

What’s your first thought about the term “aerobic” exercise? If you’re thinking about routines that comprise of a lot of jumping, leaping, and other active movements, you’re right. However, that’s not all there is with aerobic exercises. Would you believe that even walking is a great example of an aerobic routine? But what’s most important is that aerobic activities are deemed healthy for the heart. As your partner in providing Senior Care Services in Georgia, we advocate for better ways you can care for your loved one’s overall well-being, including their heart.

Your aging family member may shy away from the prospect of doing aerobic exercises, but they might reconsider when they learn about the following:


    As previously mentioned, walking is the easiest, simplest, and frequently overlooked form of aerobic exercise. Because this is an activity that is normally done every day, people may tend to miss the fact that it’s a healthy activity for the body, especially for a senior’s heart. For your senior loved one, encourage them to have more time to walk even during their grocery shopping or taking their pets out.


    Stairs can be risky for seniors when it comes to fall issues, but it can also be a tool to enhance their heart’s health when they use the stairs for exercise. Climbing up and down the stairs for at least half an hour in a day can already be effective in exercising the heart. If you’d like to ascertain safety, let your loved one be accompanied by a Personal Care Assistant.


    What’s interesting about biking is that it can be done both indoors and outdoors. Biking outdoors doesn’t just improve their heart’s health, but it also exposes them to fresher air outside especially when they bike in nature parks. Biking indoors is also a good option when the weather is not good outside. Ensure to invest in quality stationary bikes. Additionally, secure the bike’s seat to prevent injuries during the routine.


    Not only is it a form of aerobic exercise, but it is also fun and entertaining. For seniors who are fond of dancing, this can be an enticing way for them to engage in the active lifestyle. Dancing allows for the participation of major limbs in the body, thereby facilitating efficient blood flow and improved heart health. Just ensure that your loved one is comfortably dressed for the activity to prevent any injury.


    As a sports activity, swimming seems to demand a level of commitment for those who will do it. However, this can also be fun and rewarding especially that swimming doesn’t put a strain on the joints. Hence, swimming isn’t just good for the heart; it’s also good for those with arthritis.

In promoting the health and wellbeing of your aging loved one, let us continue to back you up with our In-Home Care Services in Snellville, Georgia. If you’re interested in our services, contact us at Hope Private In-Home Care.

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