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Ensuring Your Senior Parents’ Good Health Through a Balanced Diet

Ensuring Your Senior Parents' Good Health Through a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is essential for good health, especially in old age. To ensure the good health of your aging parents, follow these tips.

  • Find out their dietary restrictions and needs.

    The nutritional needs of a person changes as their age increases. Your parents’ current dietary needs may be very different from what their needs were a decade ago. So, you have to find out what their specific nutritional needs are so you can prepare the right meals for them to stay healthy.

    On the other hand, you also need to factor in their dietary restrictions. There are certain foods that can affect their health so knowing what these foods are can keep your parents healthy and safe.

    Get all of the information directly from their doctor. A provider of In-Home Care Services in Snellville, Georgia can also provide an insight on what meals to prepare based on the doctor’s advice.

  • Aim to prepare whole foods at all times.

    Fresh foods or single-ingredient forms carry in them far more nutrients than processed ones. Serve your parents with more fruits and vegetables where they can get a lot of essential nutrients from. Make them into salads or add them to main dishes.

  • Help them avoid starchy and sugary foods.

    Starchy and sugary foods contain empty calories, meaning they provide lots of calories with little to no nutrition. Instead of these types of foods, try to serve them with healthy alternatives. For instance, if your dad likes sweets, give him fruits to satisfy his sweet tooth.

  • Consider their favorite foods.

    Once in a while, your parents would eventually want to get a taste of their favorite meals. Consult the doctor first before giving in to their request. If you get the go signal from their doctor, make sure that everything is consumed in moderation.

  • Check their ability to swallow or chew.

    When preparing meals, check if your parents have trouble swallowing or chewing. You may need to change the way the foods are prepared to make them easier to be swallowed or chewed. A provider of Senior Care Services in Georgia can assist you and your parents in the preparation.

  • Use natural spices for flavoring.

    Instead of using processed flavors, you can use natural spices and herbs which are far healthier. This will also help increase their appetite despite their diminishing sense of taste and smell.

  • Let your parents handle easy meal planning and preparation tasks.

    To help make your parents still feel independent, tasks that they can easily do on their own should be assigned to them. Give them something to work on. A Personal Care Assistant can do the other tasks.

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