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Choosing the Right Type of Companion Care

Choosing the Right Type of Companion Care

Having access to companion care programs under In-Home Care Services is crucial for seniors who live alone. With someone to share stories and do activities with, the likelihood of seniors having feelings of isolation and loneliness lessens.

Studies have shown that seniors who engage in communication with other people – friends, caregivers, etc. – can reinforce their mental acuity, which then causes a delay in developing Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

There are various types of companion care programs under our Senior Care Service in Georgia, so knowing about each one will help you in selecting the perfect option for you senior:

  • Live-In Companion Care
    This is usually provided under our Assisted Living in Snellville, Georgia. Nurses will take 24-hour shifts to care for the patient.
  • In-Home Companion Care
    This involves shorter visits from nurses and have specific goals such as meal preparation, bathing assistance, transportation, and errands.
  • Companion Hospice Care
    This provides patients with Home Health Aides for personal needs and respite visits. Hospice has volunteers who assist patients in running errands and getting to and from appointments.
  • Religious-Base Companion Care
    If the senior has been part of a religious group, then getting into this type of companion care may benefit them the most. It’s a familiar environment, and they may also encounter familiar faces.

Hope Private In-Home Care is a great option for seniors who wish to remain in their homes. They will be in a comfortable environment, and the risk of affecting their sense of independence is very little. Not to mention that they are easily accessible for family members. Visits can happen at any time of the day.

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